We receive queries and info requests as we engage with clients. Here’s a sample of the common questions and our response.

We use openSSL AES 256 bit encryption to encrypt any data that resides in the DaimaCLOUD default storage. We also employ SSL certification for server-to-client connections, thereby ensuring security during uploads / downloads.

With Federated Cloud, users on one DaimaCloud installation can collaborate with users on other DaimaCLOUD installations while each server maintains its respective security and governance protocols. Files shared between users are no longer confined to a single shared folder or DaimaCLOUD instance; users can access the latest file versions and selectively sync the most critical shared files.

DaimaCLOUD understands that IT departments are better placed at managing the users – single or grouped. We therefore grant you full admin access to create users, create groups, issue rights, manage storage provisions, make amends to any aspect of the backup process.

Any user can install a file-access application from Apple’s iOS or Google’s Playstore to upload, access the files, share and make some changes to their settings. We are working to have a Windows Tablet-based software, but a Windows PC software is available.

When you need to switch computers, make sure you update your cloud data by running the software. Once updated, simply install the software to your new PC and set which folder the data will download to. Download will commence and finalize depending on your data size and internet speeds.

Working with a PC facility, we create a scheduled task to run the default upload software. This ensures your cloud data is as up to date as you’d prefer – daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency desired.

The antivirus app may be enabled in the admin panel and uses ClamX to scan the default datastore. Additional virus scanners may be integrated with DaimaCLOUD s flexible API.

We charge an annual fee for the secured server, and a one-off setup fee. The cost is graduated dependent on the capacity you prefer. Please see our price guide for more info.

Should you be interested in more info than we have published, you can definitely raise them, using our feedback from.